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SunSDR MB1 by Expert Electronics – Review and walk through

Here is a quick tour of the SunSDR MB1 by Expert Electronics. It’s an operator’s point of view and a simple walk through this great HF radio. This is the first video of an upcoming series. The SunSDR MB1 by Expert Electronics is an amazing standalone SDR radio, it’s complex and simple at the same time.

It is a high-end rig competing directly with any other flagship product of any other brand. If after watching this video, you are not convinced that this radio is amazing, well I do not know what video to do next to impress you.

This video was made after using it for 8 days only and I’m still discovering the unit. There may be some simple mistakes describing the features, but as I wanted to be an operator’s overview, as I would for any friend visiting the shack, the genuine approach was more important than precision. This quick review is to longest video I ever post on my channel, even my documentary is shorter, and I didn’t cover all the features!

Please stay tune, as I will do more videos as I discover this radio. If you have any question or demo request for my next video (probably after Dayton), like VHF, etc… please add it in the comments below. 73 Pascal VA2PV

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